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I may have gone a little overboard...

I won't bore you with the details of how this all happened, but suffice to say there is a King Cake, some beignets, and a pot of gumbo in the kitchen.

Now if you will excuse me, Hannibal is on television.
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Now that Thanksgiving has passed, decorating for Christmas can officially commence.

For anyone who helps me there will be fresh baked cookies and mulled cider.
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Forget what the calendar says about autumn starting on Sunday, it's clearly already here judging by the nice, cool weather we've been having. And the rains this winter and spring (along with some other factors) mean that this year the apple crop is the best it has been in a long time.

So to celebrate, tomorrow, apple picking, pumpkin picking, apple cider, and apple cider donuts.

I suggest that if you've never been apple picking you come, and even if you have you need to come again.
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I seem to have been overzealous in my experiments.

Somehow I ended up with an explosion of chocolate candies in egg, lamb, and rabbit shapes. Chocolate/carob, peanut butter, sugar, cocoa butter/coconut oil... who knew that by combining these and other simple ingredients I'd be able to replicate Reese's Peanut Butter Eggs and the classic Cadbury Creme Eggs (complete with yolk!).

Of course now I need people willing to eat them.

And for an added challenge, they are free of allergens (except peanuts, and I made the creme eggs first as a precaution), and for the chocolate intolerant (Kyle) I made some of those too. Which was actually the main motivation, because Easter without chocolate just feels so wrong.

...I have clearly been watching too much Cooking Channel and Food TV. It is a good thing that I am returning to Columbia this summer.

Or maybe I should start a confectionary company.

I have too much time on my hands.
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In preparation for Thursday's (unofficial) holiday, I am now taking baking requests.

Sweet pies, savory pies, cheesecakes (which are technically more of a pie than a cake), I am open to any and all suggestions.
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I cannot believe I forgot to mention this sooner but I've just been so busy.

Doug, Wade, Everyone-

Once again it is that most glorious time of year when the Girl Scouts sell their famous cookies. If you were unable to place an order before the sheets were due, or if you find yourself desiring more confections, just let me know. Friday is National Girl Scout Cookie Day and there will be a truck making the rounds in New York City, but I also happen to know where the DX troop will be setting up shop for the upcoming weeks.

We have some incredibly adorable Daisies this year, too.

There's this one girl who has a marked physical difference though she has not yet manifested her powers and she's just the shyest thing. If someone with a physical manifestation (Yvette and Dori- I think she'd really take to both of you) would be willing to come bye while she's selling, I would really appreciate it.I'd let you know when that ends up happening, of course.
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It's snowing. In the greenhouse.

I don't even know what to say.

Now the balance of all the plants is off. And I worked really hard to get them optimized.
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I could really use some help decorating the mansion for the upcoming holidays.

Instead of going out and buying all the greenery to decorate the mansion with, I am putting my powers to good use. Growing things is fine, but fashioning wreaths and garland and hanging them is another. So if anyone has any free time and feels like helping, I need plenty of pine cones, needles, acorns- whatever we can gather really, and wiring everything together. I have one wreath made, it's the holly and ivy one on my door, but the mansion is quite large.

Oh. And I called a woman from back home and arranged for a live Christmas tree that will be planted after we are done using it. She won't be able to drop it off until next weekend though, which gives me plenty of time to bake up some ornament cookies. And in the meantime, I, and anyone who would like to help me, will be stringing up popcorn garland and bird seed-peanut butter-pine cones for all the critters that live in the woods nearby.

I admit, I also need ideas for observances other than Christmas. But the tradition of decorating one's home with evergreens is one that is quite ancient and the scent of fresh, live fir and pine is so enticing, I hope I will be forgiven for my lack of knowledge of other celebrations.

I love Christmas.
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Those of you who placed cookie orders with me, I have them. You can either pick them up Chez Amara and Callie and Terry, or if you ask nicely I might be persuaded to deliver them myself. I'm going to be running up to the Mansion on Sunday to drop orders off, but if you just can't wait to get your sugar on, we're going to be selling down in DX today in front of Empire Boxing.

And just because you may have already placed an order, that doesn't mean you can't buy some more. We have plenty left for you to purchase. And if you don't want to have that temptation around, you can buy boxes to donate to local charities, or to send to a service man or woman; I can tell you from personal experience that finding GS cookies overseas is next to impossible. Or you can buy them for keeps. Don't worry, I won't judge.

Also? These Lemonade cookies are pretty amazing. I may have found a new favorite. Mmmmm.
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Not that Marie Curie wasn't important, because she was, but she wouldn't have been Marie Curie if there weren't other women who came before her to pave the way. They may not be household names, but they are just as deserving of a Google Doodle for their birthdays.

Here is a quick list of 10 female scientists you should know. Compiled by the Smithsonian.

And to celebrate all these awesome women and their influences, I am going to go blow stuff up later with some Girl Scouts from District X. Because nothing beats blowing stuff up for the sake of science.

And as always, children, safety third.* 

*Okay. I may have been watching too many episodes of Rocket City Rednecks to motivate my Physics homework. I blame their adorable Southern accents. 
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Okay. I can't remember who posted about moose, so I'm just posting this for everyone.

People, please educate your moose on the dangers of alcohol. It's apple season, and things will get crazy. But if you take the time now you may be able to reach out to your moose so he/she doesn't end up sharing a rehab room with a drunk elephant.

So in short...

No eating fermented fruit and walking into trees.

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Or rather "Thank goodness for friends who live close by and are willing to take you in late at night (or was it early in the morning? I don't know) when you and your roommate have to evacuate your place because of some sewer, water, chemical thingy (I was tired and all I heard the hot fireman say was that we needed to leave until everything was clean and sanitized)."

Whatever it was, it smelled awful.

And I never imagined a bachelor pad would be this clean. John keeps saying that Angelo is a grandma about tidiness, which is staying on the record. 

John. Angelo. You guys are lifesavers. Knights in shining... pajama bottoms? I guess I should probably get some more sleep.    
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Reason number 152 why being an adult rocks:

You can have cake for dinner. And there is no one to stop you.

And while I have not gathered enough data to make a proper conclusion, I do believe that cake tastes the best when you eat it sprawled while out on the couch, in your underwear, and with your feet propped up on an old wooden milk crate. 

Ahhhh independence is sweet, and it tastes like molten chocolate lava cake. Delicious, delicious cake.
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All right guys. Do not touch this plant. You will go blind.

Okay. That's only if the sap gets in your eyes. Otherwise you'll get a seriously nasty burn. Like a really bad blistering sunburn. And pus will run from it. And it will be disgusting. 

So you probably don't want to touch it.
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The Senate passed the bill to legalize Same Sex Marriage in NY.

I'm totally having a dance party right now.
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For the first time in a long time I was able to go to bed early. No papers or readings or anything. Just a restful sleep.

Except that for some reason there are people running around and making a lot of noise. I stick my head out and ask them to quiet down because I'm trying to sleep and they listen. For about fifteen minutes. And right when I'm about to finally slip into slumber, the noise starts up again.

Guys. Dorm life is way overrated. People coming in drunk late at night/early in the morning and trying to be quiet, but they're not quiet drunks. People running around at 1am (and yeah, it's technically against the rules, but it's the weekend so it doesn't really matter). Loud music. Loud other noises. And whenever I want to go shower it seems that everyone else has the same idea.

Please don't get me started on what people leave in the showers. You don't want to know.

I can't move out into my own apartment because my father doesn't think it's safe. And as much as I love you guys, I really don't want to move to the mansion because even with commuting I'd be using a lot of gas. And I like New York City. And being close to the library. And Central Park.

So I guess my options are:

1. Stick with dorm housing another year
2. Move back to the mansion
3. Find someone who is looking for a clean, responsible, and quiet roommate (no dogs or cats please) and go in with them.

Does anyone know anyone who's looking for a roommate?
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So apparently my roommate's favorite Starbucks (yes, she has a favorite, no I don't get it) is closing for renovations for about a week.

She's kinda freaking out about where to get her coffee (yes, we have several cafes on campus but she loves Starbucks). So I asked her "Well isn't there another Starbucks (quite literally) across the street?"

For future reference, this is not the question to ask. Because "it's not that simple, Callie. That Starbucks is totally different!"

I'm still really confused as to why she can't just walk across the street and get her grande nonfat sugarfree vanilla latte.
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Okay. I like completely fell off the face of this Earth. I'm surprised this thing still works. And that I remembered my password.

So what have I missed over the past year?
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Guess who just got an e-mail welcoming them to Columbia University's Class of 2014?


I guess this means I get to slack off the rest of the year.

Now if you will all excuse me I have to go scream and jump up and down some more.
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