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I could really use some help decorating the mansion for the upcoming holidays.

Instead of going out and buying all the greenery to decorate the mansion with, I am putting my powers to good use. Growing things is fine, but fashioning wreaths and garland and hanging them is another. So if anyone has any free time and feels like helping, I need plenty of pine cones, needles, acorns- whatever we can gather really, and wiring everything together. I have one wreath made, it's the holly and ivy one on my door, but the mansion is quite large.

Oh. And I called a woman from back home and arranged for a live Christmas tree that will be planted after we are done using it. She won't be able to drop it off until next weekend though, which gives me plenty of time to bake up some ornament cookies. And in the meantime, I, and anyone who would like to help me, will be stringing up popcorn garland and bird seed-peanut butter-pine cones for all the critters that live in the woods nearby.

I admit, I also need ideas for observances other than Christmas. But the tradition of decorating one's home with evergreens is one that is quite ancient and the scent of fresh, live fir and pine is so enticing, I hope I will be forgiven for my lack of knowledge of other celebrations.

I love Christmas.
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